How To Find The Right Mediator?

If you get an approval to seek mediation then it’s your duty to find the right mediator to solve the dispute. Though there is no guarantee about an effective mediator you should be sure about who will help you through the problem.  

If you go for a neutral ‘family mediation’ (also known as ‘familienmediation’ in the German Language), where the mediation will feel more like a settlement conference. In case it fails also, the costs of litigation will be resumed.


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You can also go for a new mediator. The mediation process is more effective than litigation. It is always good if you chose an efficient mediator. You should do a proper search for qualified mediation services.

You can also search online about the potential mediators. Even you can check their backgrounds, skills, and approaches this is going to help you a lot. You can also take recommendations from your friends, family member etc.

If you find a right type of mediator, a therapist, the lawyer he will help you by following a different approach.

If you chose a lawyer-mediator, he will focus on the legal issues that surround the dispute. A therapist will help you in social struggles.


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What are the main characteristics of the mediators?

The characteristics of the mediators are:

  •    Well-trained
  •    Committed to the field of mediation
  •    Reflective practitioner
  •    Who think and try to improve it

According to the code of ethics, a mediator cannot act as co-advisor, therapist or a judge. Different ‘mediation Munich’ (also known as ‘mediation münchen’ in the German language) has its own style and all fields of mediation are not created equal.

Before choosing a mediator you should be fully satisfied. You can easily find whether that mediator is perfect for you in first or second interaction. If you are satisfied with a particular mediator you can even go for another mediator.