Keep Your Car Looking Good With Supagard Protection System

Car paint protection functions to keep your vehicle paint protect it from sunlight, and other common problems such as acid rain, bad weather conditions, and corrosive bird droppings. Supagard is the leading brand of car care products in the UK.

Their car paint protection system is a thin layer of an invisible paint sealant to strengthen and protect the paint from the worst elements. Applied by professionals, Supagard protection has been used throughout the UK for more than 20 years in various other cars and vehicles. You can use a rear bumper protector film to protect your car’s bumper.

The uniquely developed Supagard Formula is a one-time application that does not need to be refilled or refreshed, protecting your car's paint from sunlight, rain, ice, snow, bird droppings, and road salt for at least 3 years.

McLaren 570S rear quarter panel getting Xpel Stealth paint protection film / clear bra

Paint releases a thin layer of paint, causing massive corrosive damage over time, while the Supagard protection sealant is a clear top layer, preventing harsh conditions from affecting your paint underneath.

Supagard protection can be applied to new or old cars, allowing you to keep any car in its current condition. Don't give up to protect your car that has suffered minor damage, Supagard treatment will prevent weathering or other damage from getting worse while making it look better than you ever imagined.

The seat of your skin will be conditioned and protected, your carpet protector and the cloth will be protected from spills and dirt with an invisible barrier and Supagard's wheel protectors will protect your wheels from damage.

Each Supagard product is designed to protect your car and make it look the best. Supagard's protection system is applied by various specialists throughout the UK. When choosing a Supagard protection provider, choose one that will come to you.