The Problems Related To Baby Formula

Parents who are dependent on baby formulas for providing nutrition to their kids trust the goods that are nutritionally well. But not all products that are available in the market are good, for example, Neocate baby formula.

According to the study, Neocate, a prominent name in baby food providers, can cause malnutrition in small kids and cause rickets, broken bones and other problems related to skeletal. Because of this, several Neocate baby formula lawsuits were filed in the courts of the United States.

Neocate Rickets Attorney

Results of the study confirmed that there is a link between Neocate baby formula and critical health issues. This product contains some harmful ingredients that may put the life of the young children in danger.

Neocate Rickets

Among all the concerns that were caused due to consumption of this harmful product, the most dangerous one was rickets. Neocate baby formulas are intended to provide full nutrition for children who cannot have cow milk or other food products.

Baby Formula Problems

Unfortunately, these essential formulas lack sufficient phosphorus which is an important component of bone health. Because of this, children dependent on these products developed were affected by Neocate rickets, bone fractures, and skeletal deformities and damage.

Researchers proved that there is a link between Neocate and hypophosphatemia, or severely low blood phosphate levels. Furthermore, critics say that the consumers were never warned about the danger posed by Neocate baby formula rickets.

Baby Formula Lawsuit

Neocate Lawsuits

Families of children who suffered from Neocate injuries such as broken bones, rickets, and skeletal malformations are authorized to get compensation through filing baby formula lawsuit.

Those who match this description are qualified for free, no-obligation case reviews with Neocate baby formula attorneys. Baby formula lawsuits are the only way for families of the children who have been affected by rickets and broken bones to get compensation for what they have lost.

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