Reasons When The Insurance Agent Does Not Provide You The Coverage

Reasons When The Insurance Agent Does Not Provide You The Coverage

Insurance agents are the primary contact from the insurance company to most policyholders. Actually, the agent embodies an insured individual as well as the insurance company, acting as a legal messenger between both the parties. You can read more about them on this link:

The policyholders depend on their agent for asking any queries, right coverage, and to ensure that they have created the best policies. It is the responsibility and liability of the agents towards the insured individuals to whom they sold insurance to obtain the coverage requested.

Also, inform them if in case the coverage could not be obtained. If the agent fails to perform either of his duties including negligence, misrepresentation, and violations of insurance law then it will make the agent liable for covered and uncovered claims and lawsuits.

Below mentioned are some of the reasons agents fail to get you the insurance coverage you need:

  • Misrepresentations – There are some of the insurance agents that tell the policy buyer that an exclusion does not apply when in reality it does. They provide false incentives to get you to sign on purpose or out of ignorance.

    In these cases, you can sue for insurance broker negligence. With the help of a good attorney may also litigate for punitive damages to punish the wrongdoers.
  • Mistakes in coverage – We know there are a lot of complicated issues included in the insurance contracts. It is necessary that all the exclusions are clearly mentioned are not hidden as well as the policy terms and conditions must be correct.
  • In any case, negligence is not an excuse and should not be tolerated. The insurance agents get the money in the form of premiums and in return, they are required to give the correct advice. If they do not follow that you are eligible to claim lawsuit against the insurance company and the agent.

  • Theft – An insurance agent may take your premiums and disappear. In this situation, the lawyers work with law enforcement to hold these criminals responsible by making them pay civil and punitive damages.

You may navigate to this site to get tips on what to do after your insurance claim is denied so that you can timely take necessary steps. It will help you a lot and will save your hard earned money.


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