Takata Airbag Failure- Takata Airbag Lawyer

When a car accident occurs, airbags inflate faster to provide passengers and driver a soft cushioning in order to stop their forward motion and reduce any impact-caused injuries. Before airbags, the survival rate of passengers involved in a car accident is very low.

Therefore, airbags are really helpful in providing the occupants a certain level of safety whenever they are inside the vehicle. However, when an airbag fails to deploy when needed, the persons inside the car have nothing to protect them which causes life-threatening or life-ending injuries.

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there have been 11 Takata airbag deaths in the recent years.

If any of your family members have been subject to Takata airbag recalls, you can receive compensation for your loss by filing a Takata airbag lawsuit. You can even visit below-mentioned link if you to know more how Takata airbag lawsuits can help you:

Takata airbag lawsuit

Causes of Airbag Failure

Airbags that fail to open on time may contain some sort of defects that inhibit them from deploying. Individuals who could otherwise be put safely with the cushioned bag may suffer serious injuries, like head trauma, debilitating injuries, and spinal injury.

Here is a list of problems that could arise when an airbag fails to deploy:

  • Sensor problems that do not sense the impact on the car.
  • Failure with the deploying device that inhibits the airbag from being released.

Liable Parties

The airbag manufacturer is fully responsible for serious injuries and death due to the deployment failure. If you know someone, who has been subject to Takata airbag recalls, you are eligible to file Takata airbag lawsuit for compensation.

Takata airbag lawsuit

As NHTSA declared that Takata company has put many people in America at risk for severe injury and death, you may receive significant compensation for the damages, including medical bills, and lost wages.

In order to know more about Takata airbag recall, you can visit this website.