Things You Probably Do Not Know About Air Travel

Flights are a common phenomenon unless you have been asleep since the 19th century. It is possibly the only mode of transport that can take you across the world in less than the fabled 8 days around the world in a ship over the waters. It is also very fast and there is no doubt about that, especially in a world where time is now literary money and a cheap flight to Israel or any other place is a reality. Essentially, while the ideal procedure is to carry out technical tests of a higher standard, which are not just money consuming but time as well, the truth is that physical tests on the surface of the Airplane do not always happen. In short, air travelers have more faith than perhaps anyone else on the planet.

Harsh but no other choice

Unless you own an airplane that you take care of yourself the way you want, there is no other choice but put faith in the airline, the pilot and the airplane, whether it is a new aircraft or a humongous old goliath that’s still in a flying condition. If you love your smoke, tobacco cigarettes or electronic cigarettes, long flight around the world are always a source of serious discomfiture. Even flight attendants insist smoke alarms are basically everywhere, even in the bathroom, which in fact can be unlocked from within and without. Even if you tried to sneak in a cigarette and smoke inside the plane’s lavatories you will still be found.

Instructions are vital

There is no doubt instructions in a plane are there for the safety of the passengers, the crew and the plane. They have to be followed to the letter. A good example is a fact you are always reminded to ensure phones on the airplane have been turned off. While you might argue if the phone is dangerous on a plane they should not be allowed in the first place, a Smartphone or a mobile device could be dangerous in-flight. Essentially, if a plane has hundreds of passengers each with their phones on, the plane’s hearing and communication gear will be affected and it could jeopardize the safety of everyone in a plane since communication with a control tower might be hampered.

PA system and a ding sound

The ding sound through the PA system is a reminder from the pilot fastening your seatbelt should be done. After takeoff, the sound is usually given to announce or alert the plane is above 10,000 feet and passengers can relax, interact around perhaps with the crew and nothing major will be interrupted. Passengers might also be given a chance to switch on their mobile devices. You can browse to get more info about it.

Dirt in-flight is real

If you are more of a Mr. Monk in the Monk TV show, you might be allergic to dirt and all its manifestations. In a plane, everything comes sealed in plastic wraps, from the magazine, pillows, and blankets to headphones. However, you should not imagine there are new ones for every flight and chances you are using the same items used many times by strangers who came before you. Sometimes the seat handles are also not cleaned in most airlines; antibiotic sanitizers or wipes can come in handy. You might want to avoid taking water from that unsealed bottle too.